Nanna’s celebrates Nannas of the world campaign

Nanna’s will launch limited-edition packaging across their classic apple pie and crumble range, celebrating Nanna’s of the world. Rolling out in supermarkets across Australia, the new packaging showcases a variety of names, including Gran, Nonna, Nani, and Yiayia.

As part of the limited edition packaging campaign, Nanna’s commissioned the Made with Love Report, which over 1000 Australians from all backgrounds to find out what makes their Nanna exceptional and how they spend or spent quality time with them.The Made with Love Report showed most align comfort, food, and love when thinking of their Nanna, with 37 per cent (4.1 million) stay connected with their grandmothers through cooking and sharing meals.

When asked what reminds people of their grandmothers, 16 per cent (1.5 million) said cakes and desserts and 4 per cent (3.7 million) mentioned cakes specifically. People also connected to nostalgic memories with their Nanna through eating a Nanna’s apple pie.

Patties Foods general manager of marketing and innovation Anand Surujpal said that Nanna’s Apple Pies and Crumbles provided a convenient treat while helping people reconnect with their own Nanna’s, Nonna’s, Nani’s, Gran’s, or Yiayia’s.

“At Nanna’s, we’re encouraging Australian families to enjoy a delicious Nanna’s Apple Pie or Crumble together and create their own cherished family moment,” said Surujpal.