USA ranks Four’n Twenty Traveller beef & cheese pastry as “must-try” sandwich

Australia’s Four’N Twenty Traveller Beef & Cheese Pastry has made it in the top 10 of an American must-try sandwiches list for 2020, sitting alongside established US brands such as 7Eleven and McDonald’s.

The 30 Must-Try Sandwiches for 2020 list, published by US-based CSP Daily News, ranked the Australian pastry in eighth place, and is stocked in Rutter’s stores throughout the US states of Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Patties Foods Group general manager of marketing and innovation Anand Surujpal said Americans have embraced the iconic Australian Four’N Twenty Traveller, as it goes “from strength to strength” in the US market.

“It was a welcome surprise to have our Beef & Cheese Traveller named a ‘must-try’ sandwich in CSP’s recent round-up of the best sandwiches,” said Surujpal.

“We remain particularly proud of our partnership with the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons, who have both been instrumental in winning us fans in their hometown.” The Four’N Twenty Traveller range first launched in the US in 2018 and has since introducing a range of flavours in its convenience format.

The range is also regularly sold at NBA 76ers games as well as Rutter’s stores, with further expansion in the US expected to continue.