Our story - Making the dough

Our story.

Our beginnings

In 1966, Peter and Annie Rijs opened a shop called Patties. Their vision? To create food that people loved.

Ever since, that’s exactly what Patties has done. And 70 years down the track, Australia’s love of Patties has made it the biggest producer of pre-prepared food in the country. Demand continues to grow as we venture into international markets.

Food people love is more than a lofty marketing expression. For us, it’s the only thing that matters.

Patties beginnings, early photo of the Patties family

Key Events

Company Inception timeline image


Company Inception

Peter and Annie Rijs open a small cake shop named Patties in Lakes Entrance, Victoria.

Capacity Increase timeline image


Capacity Increase

With business booming, a much larger expansion to increase capacity is built in Bairnsdale. Increasing production capacity to meet increasing demand.



Patties begins exporting to New Zealand.

Brand Acquisition timeline image


Brand Acquisition

Patties acquires the savoury and sweet bakery business of Simplot Australia Pty Ltd, bringing iconic Australian brands - Four'N Twenty, Herbert Adams, Patties and Nanna's - back into Australian ownership.


ASX Listing

Patties Foods is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. An additional 3000 shareholders subscribe to buy shares in Patties Foods Limited and the company goes public.


Pacific Equity Partners

Patties Foods Ltd is acquired by Australian private equity group, Pacific Equity Partners.

Brand Acquisitions timeline image


Brand Acquisitions

Patties Foods Ltd purchases Leader Foods & Australian Wholefoods.

The Supermarket Chiller timeline image


The Supermarket Chiller

Patties Foods Ltd diversifies its portfolio by launching into an entirely new category, the supermarket chiller with Ruffie Rustic Foods.

100 year old Herbert Adams relaunched timeline image


100 year old Herbert Adams relaunched

The Herbert Adams rebrand includes a complete logo and packaging overhaul - exemplifying Herbert’s pie-oneering spirit.

Four'N Twenty partners with AFL timeline image


Four'N Twenty partners with AFL

Four’N Twenty partners with the AFL,
Australia’s most popular sport.

PAG Acquires Patties Foods timeline image


PAG Acquires Patties Foods

PAG acquires Patties Foods and Vesco Foods and rebrands as Patties Food Group.

Today and tomorrow

Today and tomorrow map


Today, Patties Food Group is a portfolio of iconic snacking and ready-meal solutions. We produce some of Australia & New Zealand’s most famous brands and pride ourselves on our long-standing customer relationships in retail, petrol & convenience and quick service restaurants.


Since 2018, Patties has embarked on a plan for international market expansion. We have invested in product innovation to meet export market requirements and consumer preferences, as well as developing high-profile partnerships to drive brand awareness. Booming markets now include USA, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea.

What we value

Courage picture


We are not the kind of organisation that chooses comfort over courage. We challenge the status quo, explore possibilities, take nothing for granted. We value the courage of commitment in our people and in our partners.
Integrity picture


For Patties Food Group, integrity is integral to everything we do. We put it into every snack, every meal, every sale, every word we utter and every action we take. Integrity is what makes us the company we are.
Ownership picture


Ownership is all about taking responsibility.
At Patties Food Group,
we own our actions and
our outcomes, our triumphs and our hiccups. Ownership gives us the power to improve.
Trust picture


Who can you trust to feed
a party-load of kids? Who can you trust to make your lunch when you can’t
find the time to sit down? PFG has worked hard to earn the loyalty of its customers. We've done so by believing in each other for nearly 60 years, and we will never falter.

Food people love. And partners to match.

Patties Food Group partners with some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most loved organisations. Our aim is to share our love of sport, promote goodwill in the community and to share our good fortune with those who need a hand.

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