Ethical Sourcing and Supplier Code of Conduct

THIS POLICY APPLIES TO: All companies within the Patties Foods Group (Patties Foods, , Patties Foods Pakenham, Leader Products, and Australian Wholefoods) (the ‘Patties Foods Group’) and threshold suppliers of goods or services to the Patties Foods Group.

  • All new suppliers must complete the Patties Foods Group’s supplier pre-qualification questionnaire, and if selected as a supplier, and projected annual spend is >10,000 AUD p/a, must confirm they will meet the Patties Foods Group’s ethical supply obligations by returning a copy of this policy signed by an authorised representative of the supplier.
  • Patties Foods Group recognises that there will be suppliers in some industries that will find it more difficult to meet our minimum standards. In those cases, we will expect such suppliers to demonstrate continuous improvement and be transparent with us about any issues they identify.
  • If a supplier is a SEDEX member, Patties Foods Group may require it to share its self-assessment information.
  • All supplier sites may be subject to an audit if Patties Foods Group suspects its minimum standards are compromised.
  • Patties Foods Group acknowledges it has a responsibility to protect human rights, and to identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how we address our impacts on human rights.
  • Accordingly, Patties Foods Group will only do business with suppliers whose workers (including the workers in the supplier’s supply chain) are treated in accordance with applicable law and regulations, present voluntarily, not put at risk of physical harm, provided with a safe workplace, lawfully and fairly compensated, allowed the right of free association and not exploited in any way, including by modern slavery (trafficking, servitude, forced marriage, forced labour, debt bondage, unlawful child labour, or deceptive recruiting for labour services.) All overtime must be voluntary.
  • Suppliers shall not use unauthorised sub-contractors and shall declare in writing all sub-contractors prior to their use (including sub-contracting, home-working and any other external processing).
  • In meeting the above standards suppliers shall:
    1. Take all reasonable measures to ensure that workers in their own supply chains are treated lawfully and are not victims of any form of modern slavery; and
    2. Maintain oversight of employment conditions of any labour hire and sub-contracted labour.
  • Patties Foods Group requires its suppliers to respect resources and protect the environment, and to pursue continuous improvement in the management of their environmental impact.
  • Patties Foods Group expects its suppliers to supply goods and services in packaging which is recyclable, reusable or compostable (without compromising food safety standards) and to work towards Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets, that:
    1. 100% of all Australia’s packaging will be re-usable, recyclable or compostable by 2025;
    2. 70% of Australia’s plastic packaging will be recycled or composted by 2025;
    3. 30% average recycled content will be included across all packaging by 2025; and
    4. Problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic packaging will be phased out through design, innovation or introduction of alternatives.
  • Suppliers shall conduct their business ethically in a legal, honest and transparent manner without any fraudulent practices.
  • In meeting this requirement suppliers shall:
    1. Not engage in or tolerate bribery, corruption, fraud and coercion; and
    2. Have systems in place for confidentially reporting, investigating and resolving concerns regarding unethical business practice.

All Patties Foods Group companies shall endeavour to prioritise sourcing raw materials from Australian producers, where cost, quality and other trading terms are equivalent to alternative suppliers.

  • Patties Foods Group prefers to not use any genetically modified organisms in any of its products.

Patties Foods Group is a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (End Product Manufacturer, Mass Balance Supply Chain Model, Certificate Number: BMT: RSPO: 000267) and supports the industry

wide move to advance the production of RSPO certified palm oil. We only work with suppliers which also support this position.

  • Patties Foods Group respects animal welfare and expects its suppliers to take all reasonable measures to respect animal welfare, for example, by obtaining RSPCA Approved certification.
  • Suppliers shall report any suspected violations of regulations, laws and/or this policy as soon as possible. Violations should be reported to or can be raised in accordance with the Patties Food Group’s Corporate Whistleblowing Policy available on its website.
  • Patties Foods Group intends to work collaboratively with suppliers to ensure adherence to current legislation and standards.